Insurance Market Developments in Albania for the period January 2019

Main features       

  • During January 2019 the insurance market experienced a decrease by 0.23% compared to January 2018. Gross insurance premiums amount to ALL 1,254,261 thousand, increasing by ALL 2,887 thousand.
  •  The number of insurance policies reached 92,169 which indicate an increase 4.07% compared to January 2018.
  •  Gross insurance premiums in Non-Life insurance business reached the value of ALL 1,160,807 thousand, which indicate a decrease by 0.31% compared with January 2018.
  •  The number of Non-Life insurance policies reached 83,384 which are 5.29% more than january 2018.
  • During January 2019, the paid claims are in the amount of 379,830 thousand, or 14.40% more than   January 2018.
  •  In January 2019, there is a decrease of 760 in the number of paid claims, which reached the number of 2,640 paid claims. The Non-Life insurers paid 2,572 claims.