A brief Presentation

The Insurers Association of Albania, was established on January 23, 2003, from 5 insurance companies : INSIG SHA, SIGMA SHA, SIGAL SHA, ATLANTIK SHA dhe INTERSIG SHA.The Association is registered as a juridical person with Court Decision no. 560, dated 03.03.2003.

The Insurers Association of Albania is a non-for-profit organization and strives to promote the most recent insurance standards of its members, the development, stability and efficiency of the Albanian insurance industry.

The Insurers Association of Albania (IAA) is the representative body of the insurance market in relationship with the third parties, in Albania and abroad.

The Association elect The Chairman, who chairs the General Assembly and nominates the Secretary General, who organize the daily activity of the Association.

From its beginning, Chairman of the Association have been :

Mr. Dritan Celaj , in the period March 2003 – July 2007
Mr. Avni Ponari, in the period January 2008 – November 2011
Mrs. Fitnete Sulaj, for the period November 2011.

In meantime, these people have been Secretary General of the Association :

Mrs. Valbona Kaduku in the period March 2003 – July 2007
Mr. Plarent Hamzaj in the period July – December 2007
Mrs. Ejana Xhixha in the period January 2008 – September 2014
Mrs. Holtjana Bello in the period September 2016 – July 2017

Actually, all non-life insurance companies are members of the Association,as follow :

Albsig sha, represented by Mr. Muharrem Bardhoci  – General Manager   
Ansig  sha, represented by Mr. Edlir Ruka – General Manager 
Atlantik sha, represented by Mr. Dritan Celaj – General Manager 
Eurosig sha, represented by Mr. Xhevdet Kopani – General Manager 
Insig sha, represented by Mr. Gezim Tola – General Manager  
Intersig Vienna Insurance Group represented by Mr.Gentian Sula – General Manager 
Sigal Uniqa Group Austria represented by Mr.Avni Ponari – General Manager  
Sigma Interalbania Vienna Insurance Group represented by Mr. Klaidi Citozi – General Manager 

Mr. Avni Ponari is the Chairman of the Association and Mr. Edvin Libohova is the Secretary General.