The training program for licensing life and non-life agents


Individuals wishing to practice the activity of the mediator/insurance agents

Modules and Objectives

Module 1 – Health and Life Insurance

Objectives: Participants have the opportunity to gain knowledge into private health insurance, personal accidents, travel health and life insurance, to be informed about the public health system in Albania and compare it with the private health system. At the end of the training the participants have the opportunity to develop specific Insurance Policies (Claims) on the developed module, to acquire insurance for these products, conditions and fees.

Module 2 - Property and Liability Insurance

Objectives: Participants have the opportunity to gain knowledge into the history of insurance development in Albania, property insurance from fire and theft, insurance of goods during transport, insurance of ships and aircraft, insurance of civil and professional liabilities, and various warranties. In addition, participants have access to basic knowledge in obtaining insurance, completing questionnaires, calculating insurance premiums, and completing claims.

Module 3 - Motor Vehicle Insurance

Objectives: This topic aims at informing participants about TPL, Green Card, Border Insurance, Public Passenger Safety Insurance and Kasko Insurance, analyzing what these insurance products cover, insurance procedures, and the indemnification process. Participants will be trained on how to sell these products, the relevant coverage and general and special insurance.

Module 4 – Insurance Agents

Objectives: This module aims to inform the participants regarding the position of the insurance agent, the rights and obligations of the insurance agent, the basic conditions of the insurance contract and the importance of implementing the insurance regulation. In addition, this module will present specific cases dealing with the main issues encountered in the insurance mediation.

Module 5 - The role of the Financial Supervisory Authority in licensing and supervising the activity of Insurance Agents

Objectives: Participants have the opportunity to acquire the basic principles of an agent’s activity as an intermediary in insurance, to know the regulatory requirements for practicing the activity of insurance agent, to acquire basic knowledge of the main categories of insurance products, to know the duties and importance on information, transparency, aiming at consumer protection.


This training is certified by AFSA - Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority.